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Blackbear is one of those artists you hear and your jaw drops when you realize he isn’t A-list famous. In between writing Justin Biebers mega hit “Boyfriend” with pal Mike Posner and producing/writing for a plethora of other notable artists, Mat Musto released an ep AND a mix tape this year, . His mix tape “SEX” is free off of listentoblackbear.com, and as of this moment has become The Wrong Anthem’s #1 mix tape of all eternity. An intricately crafted mixture of pop, R&B, and hip-hop and with features from Mike Posner, Mod Sun, and Tyler Carter (Issues), SEX doesn’t have a single track that doesn’t impress. Never has an artist managed to sound so smooth with such a rasp, not to mention impeccable and diverse production and flawless lyricism. Check out over 20 free songs on his soundcloud above, and visit listentoblackbear.com for more. With a debut album set to be released August 13th, Blackbear is an artist you simply can’t afford to skip.

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Been playing with this concept for a while.

I love this. So much.

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Don’t fall in love with someone—just don’t—because once they leave, my God, the person you used to be leaves with them.